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The Climate Change Generation

Discussion and information related to the American Forum Event March 1, 2010: The Climate Change Generation. Will climate change be your generation's greatest challenge?
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Media Coverage

Do you think that the media coverage that has been given to the climate change crisis has made the youth of the nation cynical to the actual severity of the situation?

Your thoughts on the American Forum show

The panel answered questions from the audience on the live show. How do you think it went? What other questions should have been asked? Share your thoughts and comments below.



Video: The Climate Change Generation Forum

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Mainstream Media

Do the networks cover climate change well? What is missing?

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Best Coverage

Give a shoutout to your favorite blog post, article, or interactive feature!

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Making a Difference

Who has the power to produce real change for the environment? Is it about policy or personal choice?

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Green Money

How do companies' environmental profiles affect your spending decisions?

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