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Is Your Vote Up for Grabs?

The American Forum on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010 at 6:30 P.M. in AU's Katzen Arts Center on the topic of young voters and the mid-term elections. Moderator Jane Hall hosts guest Karen Finney, MSNBC political analyst and former communications director for the Democratic National Committee and Kevin Madden, public relations executive, republican strategist and former press secretary to Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign and House minority leader John Boehner.

Long Van Recruitment Head of Legal Department

Long Van Recruitment Head of Legal Department
- Building and directing all legal activities of the Company and its member units
- Strategic consultancy for the Board of Directors (CTTV) on legal matters related to business activities website:
Responsible for organization and legal review of enterprises and contents of contracts in accordance with the law
- Orientation and development of documents, legal advice internal and external clients

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Using Email Marketing To Your Best Advantage

You were wrong if you think that email can no longer be used as an effective marketing tool! It is still a vital method, though email solicitation is one of the earliest marketing techniques used on the Internet. New ideas and methods are continuously being generated that make marketing emails unique and fresh. Use the ideas below to see how you can use email for your business.

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