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Making a Difference

Who has the power to produce real change for the environment? Is it about policy or personal choice?

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Green Money

How do companies' environmental profiles affect your spending decisions?

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Green Causes

What climate change action is worth your time and/or money?

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Peer Pressure

Is being green trendy? Do you feel social pressure to live a greener life?

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What aren't you willing to give up for the environment?

Are you in love with your SUV? Do you like your thermostat at 80 degrees in the winter and 65 in the summer? What aren't you willing to go without?

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What are you willing to give up for the environment?

Are your bulbs flourescent? Are your shopping bags reusable? What other sacrifices have you made for the sake of conservation?

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Regulating Consumers

Does your city or state have a bag tax or a bottle deposit? How has it affected you? Is it a good idea for governments to use taxes or incentives like these to make us do more for the environment?

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Environmental Enforcement

Is the government doing enough to crack down on polluters? Do they have enough authority to do their job effectively?

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Cap and Trade

Should the government regulate carbon emissions? Why or why not?

Obama's new rules

Interesting article from Juliet Eilperin: Obama administration is planning to take climate change when considering actions under the National Environmental Policy Act, but according to the Council on Environmental Quality, "the draft guidance does not apply to land and resource management actions and does not propose to regulate greenhouse gases."

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Matt Nisbet

An assistant professor in American University’s School of Communication and a Health Policy Investigator for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Juliet Eilperin

A Washington, D.C. native and Washington Post writer since 1998, Eilperin has reported on the environment since April 2004.

Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard is currently based in Washington, covering energy and environmental politics for Mother Jones. Sheppard has also written for and The American Prospect.

Jane Hall

After a nine-year term with the Los Angeles Times, which included a run for the Pulitzer Prize, Hall has become a distinguished instructor on media and politics.