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The Climate Change Generation American Forum

Policy action on climate change remains politically gridlocked in the United States and throughout the world. Meanwhile polls show that Americans remain divided about the causes of climate change and the urgency of the problem. Are you worked about climate change and what can your generation do about it? Bring your questions to the American Forum or join the discussion at!

LIVE on WAMU 88.5, your NPR news station in the nation's capitol. Audio can be streamed at and live video will be available at

Location: Mary Graydon Center Rooms 1, 2, and 3 on American University's Campus. Directions & Map

Moderated by Jane Hall, Associate Professor of Journalism, American University School of Communication.

Featuring: Matthew Nisbet, Assistant Professor of Public Communication, American University School of Communication
Juliet Eilperin, environmental reporter, The Washington Post
Kate Sheppard, energy and environmental politics reporter, Mother Jones

American Forum is a co-production of SOC and WAMU and is sponsored by Laird B. Anderson and Florence H. Ashby, with special additional assistance this season from the Kennedy Political Union.