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Huong Giang Hue Hotel is a 4 star hotel

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If you are thinking that Hue city is a sad city with little leisure activities, you will have another thought when you come to Hue to travel, you will find this place is far from what you are thinking. , famous for the beautiful scenery, the historical sites, the specialties will bring you different surprises. When the Hue if you want to choose a cheap hotel Hue then you go to Hue Huong Giang Hotel is located right downtown.

With a very beautiful location, when you stop at Huong Giang Hotel you will easily reach the destination you want to visit, located on the gentle Perfume River and poetry will be a hollow place. With the ideal to enjoy all the scenery of Hue city, Huong Giang Hue Hotel is a harmonious combination of modern architecture and Hue communication will bring you to a green scenery, a Cool space when you stop at this cheap Hue hotel you will be provided the quality of service is very good, you will always feel satisfied that what the hotel brings, with a team professional staff, along with room service attentive and extremely tactful will help you have a k really comfortable stay .. All rooms are fully equipped with amenities so you can easily use and unforgettable experience at the famous restaurant of the hotel. Admire the beauty in Hue Huong Giang Hotel and have a peaceful holiday party full of romantic Huong River.