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vietnam visa on arrival for tourists

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Tortoise cakes are the usual cakes used in offerings, pagodas to worship people in many regions. But as a feature of a region, only the Cao Bang Pagoda. In the past, the Tay, Nung of Cao Bang province in Vietnam made cakes and considered it as a long-term dried food reserve. Up to now, moon cake is no longer eaten regularly, but is considered traditional cake used for Christmas and New Year's Day, as well as for gift to the distant people who have Vietnam visa, a gift that every Cao Bang children far from home. Always remember about.
Raw materials for making familiar pastry, simply sticky rice, peanuts, sesame, lard. Only from the simple ingredients that the Cao Bang people can make square blocks of rectangular breadth. Sticky rice is good sticky rice. Beautiful rice clean the hotel, broken nuts roasted on fire all. Rice also need to be patient, careful, the island is not hand to burn rice, cooked evenly. When the aroma of roasted rice spreads radiant in the air, the rice grain turns yellowish white and off the kitchen. The ricotta rice is then ground to a fine powder like dust. The flour is finished, not used to press the cake right but must pass the time of incubation, powder in the paper lining and then exposed to frost early to moisture easily pressed into the cake.
While stir-frying, proceed as the kernel. If you have good taste then you should use smooth pee. Sugars marinated with lard and dried lard. Meat after penetrating the road becomes transparent, then mixed with the black area, small pits. The powdered part of the brewed mixture was mixed with the smoothed sugar, smoothly to the right to make the powder sticky. Mixing the flour also requires the experience of the maker, to test, the man often grasp a handful of powder and beat the pots into the pot, not crumble, began to press the cake.
Squeezing the cake is both artistic, too crushed cake will not look beautiful, fragile, too tightly pressed, the cake is too hard to eat. For the back compress to easily get out of the mold, people sprinkle a layer of glutinous rice flour to the bottom of the mold and then the first layer of powder. Spread evenly the dough is put in, lightly pressed to dough into shape. Next to the core, and the second layer on the core. At this time proceed to force the cake to stick together. After pressing, the cake is cut into rectangular pieces. Paper wrapped in cake is a full-color paper. The cake is wrapped in glue with paste, creating a cake full of blue and red, yellow eyes, this wrapping paper also helps keep the cake long, can even month full of delicious.

Looking at the simple survey cake, but when looking at her newcomers see all the meticulous, clever in it. Cao Bang porcelain cakes divided into 3 floors, store floor is the black core of the area, two outer layers of pure white sticky rice. Cake with a light aroma of roasted rice, eat the first impression is the sweetness of the glutinous rice, then the fatty taste of the kernel, eaten crispy crunchy greasy eat the mouth. Sweet cake should be sweet to eat just sipping a cup of green tea chan khát to create a sense of harmony, attractive unforgettable.