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Your thoughts on the American Forum show

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The panel answered questions from the audience on the live show. How do you think it went? What other questions should have been asked? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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Nisbet's comments on policy change very interesting

I thought that Matt Nisbet's comments on changing the idea of climate change to another more hot button issue that people are paying attention to in order to tackle the climate change issue, was very interesting. Nisbet talked about the public being apathetic about climate change, especially with more pressing issues like the economy and health care. So he suggested turning away from the words "climate change" and making it more of an issue on how does climate change affect health or how does it affect jobs? Nisbet said by bringing these other areas up such as how are people's health affected by changing temperatures? or will green jobs help stimulate the economy? will then engage the public on the issue of climate change. Very interesting angle to take I thought.